Saturday, 8 April 2017


We as young people, we chose stupid things. I've worked with young people, same  age and old.
But old forks they take care or they don't play with their job, but YOUG ONES they don't even care.
Especially on weekends they drink a lot and they don't know how to stop. They come to work drunk ( not even between drunk and sober). People lose their food,clothes,homes,cars and the love of their loved ones.

Please I urge you the are three things you must hold unto your GOD,FAMILY and your JOB.
You can do nothing without God same as your Family and Job.

Love your self before someone loves you.  

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Be wise

Our father in heaven id the source of life,of wisdom,and of joy.
John 3:3
"Except a man be born from above,",unless he shall receive a new heart,new desires,purpose,and motives,leading to s new life,"he can not see the kingdom of God.